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Check PTCL Bills Online Duplicate Telephone Landline and EVO Internet Bill

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited PTCL is playing major role in the Pakistan Telecommunication Development, It provides to all Pakistani’s All type communications services like Land-line Phone, PTCL VFONE Wireless, Internet services like PTCL Broadband DSL, VFONE Internet Service and PTCL EVO Wireless Internet Service, And here we will discuss about the billing procedure that how you can check your bill for the PTCL, EVO Wireless and PTCL Broadband Services.

You just turn on your computer or laptop and you can check you bill or payment online and due dates and billing amount with late fee and dates here you can get maximum information here about your billing procedure but you should install acrobat reader first and then you can get you bill Invoice in PDF format from here. Here below we provided complete Procedure so you should read it first then you can get very easily you billing Invoices.

PTCL Landline and EVO Wireless Internet

If you want to download your invoice so you clicking on the “Searching Guide” will take you to this page again.

For the PSTN (PTCL Landline):

To Clicking on the “Search PTCL Bill” will take you to another page, which is explained deeply with complete details below.

PTCL Bill Invoice Search by Phone Number & Account ID:

You can search your bill by entering both phone number & account ID online here in below links, You have to enter the correct phone number without area code e.g. 234567. For Lahore & Karachi MDN must be preceded with 3 like: 3xxxxxxx & 3xxxxxxx.

 For the EVO (Wireless Broadband):

To Clicking on the “Search EVO Bill” will take you to another page, which is explained below first you read our informative article and then you implement all these process terms and conditions so you will get easily your bill invoice.

To Search by MDN & ESN Number:

You can search your bill by entering both MDN & ESN number. You have to enter the correct MDN number with area code (without leading zero) e.g. 512345678. For Lahore & Karachi MDN must be preceded with 3 like: 213xxxxxxx & 423xxxxxxx. And then next page will be opened then you should click on the Print Bill then you will get a PDF File open that file their you can see you billing payment.

How to Search MDN?

Please either check your EVO box, Sale order form or contact your nearest OSS.

How to Search ESN?

Please either check backside of your EVO or contact your nearest OSS..

Acrobat Reader for Bill Printing

For printing the duplicate bill, Acrobat Reader must be installed on your machine.

If it is not installed on your machine, click following link to install it.

Billing Payment procedure (Bill Submission)

Here below you can get the information about the Billing submission and payment procedure.

Banks / Financial Institutions

Bank Counter: You can pay your PTCL bill at all banks across Pakistan.
Payments at ATMs: You can pay your bills by using your ATM Card.  Your “Customer ID” on your telephone bill is required for payment.
Internet banking (Selected Banks): You can pay your telephone bill by using internet banking (if offered by your bank). Your “Customer ID” on telephone bill is required for payment.
Direct Debit: You can instruct your bank or credit card issuing bank to deduct your telephone bill from your account as soon as the bill in delivered. You can subscribe to this facility by requesting your bank.
Drop Box Facility: Drop boxes are available at selected branches of various banks. Customer can deposit cheque, (local, in favor of PTCL) attached with the monthly bill in the designated drop box.

Pakistan Post Office

You can pay at all Pakistan Post Offices. Payments made at PPO are as reliable as paid at any bank.

NADRA Kiosks

Bill payment facility is available at NADRA Kiosk machines available across the country.

One Stop Shop (PTCL Centers)

PTCL service centers “One Stop Shops” facilitate subscribers for payment of bills. Payments through cash, credit / debit card, local cheque, demand draft or pay order can be made at your nearest OSS.

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