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Education System in Pakistan

If you are looking for the Education System in Pakistan Issues and Problems than you are at right place. Education is the basic need of every human present on this earth. It is our religious obligation to get education. It is very important religious obligation and you can assume its importance from one of the verse of Quran which is’ literate and illiterate can’t be equal’. This verse of Quran shows the importance of education in one’s life. In Pakistan, our government has failed to provide excellent education and there are many reasons behind this failure. It is written in Constitution of Pakistan to provide good and free education to the children of Pakistan who are between five years to seventeen years.

Pakistan is one of the biggest countries in the world and its education system is also vast. There are more the two lac institutes are present in this country but most of the institutes have not good teachers. Government of Pakistan serve a huge part of GDP on education but it is less than the required. Here you will come to know about the issues and problems of education system of Pakistan which are listed below.

There are a huge list of issues and problems in our education system. One of the major issues of education system is lack of proper planning. Our government has not clear vision and mission about the providence of education as well as have no plans to achieve their desire goals. Besides this people are less aware about the importance of education and they consider it as the wastage of time and money. Mostly people don’t send their children especially to their daughter to school due to the gender discrimination. The government of Pakistan is busy in the war against terrorist. Most of the terrorist terrified the students and their parents to not send their children in schools.

Aside this our government only spend the 2.4% of its total GDP which is very low in such a huge country. Government should increase the educational funds so they can motivate the students to acquire knowledge. Moreover it is mandatory to aware people with the importance of education because no one will survive in future without getting education. These are the general problems of education system of Pakistan. You can also get issues and problems in details from this site. So stay tuned with us.

Education System in Pakistan, Issues and Problems

problems in education system in pakistan their solutions

Education System in Pakistan 2017

Now a days educations plays many important role in our life its so necessary for every one either they are male or female education is delivery of knowledge and also plays vital role in integrating and individual with his society and maintaining the perpetuation of culture and this is an effort of senior people which transfers their skills and knowledge to the younger member of society and now its increasing in Pakistan there are numbers of schools, colleges and universities which giving many opportunities to there well mannered students there are many private and governments institutes which give the higher and brilliant education to students not only education having different types of activities such as sports ,library, handworks ,arts many other thing in which students participates and take good remarks.

The education systems is not easily for Pakistan it facing many difficulties to maintains this system and working with many international and national educational members to maintains the curriculum in Pakistan. The main role to maintain the education system is teachers which plays their role with honesty and integrity but going days education is going too difficult for students and teachers not understand that how to help the students so governments needs to focus on teachers training, learning and memorization developing students knowledge discovering their talents which is essential in modern day education system.

Governments must have to focus and needs to work on economics gaps between poor and rich on their issues children’s get good quality basis education. now a days there are major cause which improve that education system going down of Pakistan such as regional different and mostly governments schools are Urdu mediums and private schools are English mediums and this is not good move we must have to improve teachers training process and teacher training means higher standers in teacher performances to improve education in Pakistan and have to solve the educational problems of Pakistan. All the interested, eligible, talented and motivated candidates must be keep visit on this page for latest updates and information stay with us regarding best education system in Pakistan 2017.

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  1. wish to do much more for our country’s education system.

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  4. the literacy tate in Pakistan mentioed is very high. please try tomention the correct information. secondly thereis no match in the heading given and information presented. tht is basically the cause of low standarization of education in Pakistan

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