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Impact Of TV Dramas On Pakistani Culture

Television dramas is one of those marvels of modern media that have revolutionized the life of every man and women and even the children try to find their lifestyle in these TV plays. There was a time when television dramas used to mould and reshape the whole life style of people in an effective manner but unfortunately such circumstance are not seen in today’s modern dramas. Instead of being the second image of the Pakistani culture and traditions these TV plays are strongly influencing the brains and thoughts of teenagers.

After the entire day of hard work and troublesome a person sits in front of the television to refresh his mind but he witness nothing but the plays based upon the violence, sex related crime and offenses of a similar nature that puts a brief impact on the minds of teenagers and Pakistani culture.Impact Of TV Dramas On Pakistani Culture

As regard the teenagers are concerned they spend their excessive time on the television to engage themselves into some physical exercises based programs but once they switch on the television they find nothing but the useless detail reports and programs based upon the fashion industry and illegal dramas. The researchers have found that those children who spend their maximum time on the television screen get themselves indulge into less concentration in their studies.

In addition Television plays can also proves to be a beneficial mass medium as regard the advertisements and promotional campaign is concerned. It can surely present such promotional products that can appear to be harmful for the health and as a result those people who are less aware from this fact they would definably avoid such items. Furthermore as the Television dramas highlight the hungriness for reputation and money in a same way it starts appearing its results on the people.

They also began to get more money and as they began to consider their life boring they start living the life of their favorite character and this arises a passion in them to get all those things that the television dramas have in them. Moreover television also presents wide ranging programs on the horror and horrible characters that can appears to be frightful for the small aged children as the psychologist have concluded from their enhanced studies that  much of the children who get afraid while sleeping is mainly because of watching dreadful plays on television. At the end it must never be forget that the life of Television characters are temporary and we are living in reality. In the final conclusion, we can say that without any doubt television dramas bring negative impact on the Pakistani culture.

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