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International Scholarships For Pakistani Students Merit and Need Based

Scholarship is the financial aid provided to students to get their studies completed on basis of different reasons and categories. In Pakistan students of following categories are eligible for categories.

  • Merit based
  • Need-base
  • Institute base
  • Student specific
  • Athletic scholarships
  • International scholarships


Scholarships that are provided to students on base of their talent and their excellent academic results. The students who get these scholarships are the top scorer that is, they achieve some particular percentage in their exams and become eligible for this scholarship. Private institutes in Pakistan have the rule of giving scholarships to their students scoring highest positions in class. The students start getting this scholarship from grade 1 but the only must thing is that they should be top 3 achievers of the class.


The students who are talented and have strong will to get education but due to financial down-fall or financial crisis are tending to stop getting education are now eligible to get these scholarships and continue their studies. In Pakistan HEC (higher education commission) has arranged for the students from rural areas from Pakistan who are most likely to leave their education due to financial problems to get these scholarships. It has been decided to award 6000 scholarships in time period of 2013-2015. The main reason to do so is to increase percentage of educated people in Pakistan which is also helpful for betterment of Pakistan’s reputation.


The scholarships provided to students by the respective institute of student. These scholarships can be:

  • Merit-based
  • Need-based


Institutes have their own policies to give merit-based scholarships. In this category rules of every institute vary. Mostly institutes award these scholarships to the one highest scorer of discipline. The waiver of fees can be 50%-40% when these scholarships are given.


Need based:

Institutes especially at university level students get these scholarships on bases that they are unable to pay high fees and to continue their studies they require financial-aid. In this scenario such people after their complete evaluation are given scholarships.


Scholarships provided to the students on basis of their gender, religion or any other student specific factors are also provided in Pakistan. These types of scholarships are provided by HEC for the people from Baluchistan and FATA. The reason behind it is that these areas of Pakistan are not well-developed and illiteracy is the main reason of lacking in progress of these areas of Pakistan. To eradicate this reason and make people from these parts of Pakistan to be a part of race towards progression are given financial-aid in form of scholarships.


Students excellent at any form of athletics are also given scholarships. Mostly in Pakistan what happens is that when a student is very good at games, they leave their studies amidst and when they become our heroes and our representatives, the only thing lacks in them is education. To promote a will of getting education in such youth is by giving scholarships. Punjab University is playing its major role in this field and other universities and institutions are also promoting this way of education.

International Scholarships For Pakistani Students

International Scholarships For Pakistani Students Merit and Need Based


Scholarships aided by different international forums are also awarded in Pakistan. Every year new scholarships are introduced in Pakistan. Mostly the students of Graduate studies i.e. masters, PhD, M.Phil, level students are given overseas scholarships. HEC is also playing the role in bringing such aids in Pakistan to support Pakistani students in their higher studies.

Pakistan although considered a third world country, but it is providing every opportunity to its students to get education and most importantly higher education and not to worry about financial aid if they are good students and passionate to get education.

  1. Australian Development Scholarships
  2. Eiffel Scholarships in France for International Students
  3. Weidenfeld Scholarship Programme for Developing Countries
  4. Eric Bleumink Scholarships for Developing Countries
  5. UBC International Leader of Tomorrow Scholarships
  6. Clarendon Scholarships at University of Oxford
  7. UMGF Scholarships in Canada for International Students
  8. Lund University Global Scholarships in Sweden
  9. Westminster International Scholarships for Developing Countries
  10. University of Twente Scholarships for International Students
  11. University of Bern Excellence Scholarships for International Students
  12. Flinders University Scholarships for International Students
  13. Vanier Canada Scholarships for International Students
  14. Commonwealth Scholarships for Developing Countries
  15. Gates Cambridge Scholarships for International Students
  16. Swiss Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Students
  17. Sydney Achievers International Scholarships
  18. University of Adelaide Fully-funded Scholarships for Outstanding International Students
  19. Quota Scholarships in Norway for Developing Countries
  20. Tuition-Free Online Degree Scholarships at University of the People
  21. Melbourne University Scholarships for International Students
  22. University of Lausanne Master’s Grants for Foreign Students
  23. London Met Scholarships for International Students
  24. Curtin International Postgraduate Research Scholarships
  25. Radboud University Scholarships for International Students
  26. Rhodes Scholarships at University of Oxford for International Students
  27. Macquarie University Scholarships for International Students

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