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ISSB Test guide and Tips to Pass

What is ISSB? ISSB stands for Inter Service Selection Board. Basically it is a selection system for defense forces of Pakistan. A candidate applying to be a part of Pakistan defense forces has to go through all the selection procedure of ISSB.

ISSB Selection System: A candidate has to go through three different types of tests, i.e., psych tests, GTO tests and Interview. The Psychologist Officers, Group Testing Officers and the Deputy Presidents, who are specialists in their respective fields, administer these tests.

PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTS: These tests include intelligence and personality tests and are held on the morning of the first day.

Intelligence Tests:  These are of two main types; verbal and non verbal. Candidates who fail to come up to the minimum standards are screened out. They are allowed to proceed back to their homes after the test on the first day.

The verbal tests include inserting of missing numbers and inserting of missing letters, sorting out jumble words, formation of correct sentences and General knowledge tests. Alphabetical tests check the memory of a person.

The non-verbal tests include

Matrix test: In these tests a series of designs are displayed. The candidate is required to complete the series or delete any particular design which does not relate to the series.
Word association test: The word association means free association in which a word serves as the stimulus object. Candidates are advised that while using a word as stimulus, not to write lengthy sentences. Meaningful and brief sentences are very helpful

Mechanical Aptitude Test: It is designed to assess candidates’ basic mechanical sense.
Personality Tests: These are written tests of analytical/ projective type. Responses provide indication

ISSB Test guide and Tips to Pass


Group Tests: In group tests the candidates are put through a number of standardized situations to find out the degree of officer like qualities in a candidate i.e., team spirit, initiative, resourcefulness etc, and whether the candidate’s personality fits him for a practical role that an officer has to play in the Armed Forces. For these tests, the candidates are divided into groups. The tests include:-

Group Discussion: Informal discussions are conducted in a group on given subjects.

Group Planning: A group plan for a given problem on the model is to be evolved.

Group Tasks: Three group tasks are conducted in which candidates are presented practical situation and left to solve these. Normally these comprise obstacles over which the group is required to carry objects of sufficient bulk and weight.

Command Tasks: Each candidate is in turn appointed the commander of the group and given a practical task requiring several men.

Individual Obstacles: Simple obstacles which a candidate is required to tackle.


Interviewer assesses the candidates in an informal and objective manner. The questions would mainly pertain to the candidate’s life, academics, awareness and general aspects requiring the candidates’ views.


Arrival Day

  1. Reception
  2. Checking of Documents
  3. Allotment of ID/ Chest numbers
  4. Photographs
  5. Administration Staff’s address
  6. Completion of Board Questionnaires

1st Day

  1. Opening Address by a Deputy President
  2. Intelligence Tests
  3. Announcement of screening out result
  4. Remaining Psychological Tests
  5. (Screened out Candidates will not attend the subsequent tests)

2nd Day

  1. Briefing
  2. Indoor Tasks
  3. Group Discussion
  4. Group Planning
  5. Outdoor Tasks
  6. Progressive Group Task (PGT)
  7. Half Group Task (HGT)


3rd Day:

  1. Individual Obstacles
  2. Command Task
  3. Final Group Task (FGT)
  4. Interviews (leftovers)

4th Day

  1. Conferences
  2. Preparation of all the results
  3. Dispersal of candidates

Tips to Pass ISSB Tests: There are some specific tips and strategies that can be very helpful while you are planning to take ISSB test. Two candidates with the same knowledge may not necessarily receive the same result on an ISSB test.

  • A candidate should have proper knowledge about the pattern of ISSB test.
  • A candidate should be motivate and dedicated enough to pass ISSB test.
  • He should have clear thinking and broad minded person.
  • He should have self confidence, maturity and independence.
  • He should have good expression of Urdu and English, good vocabulary and sense of grammar.
  • He should posses’ leadership qualities.
  • He should be physically fit before reporting at ISSB.
  • A candidate should be well aware of the world around him and should be interested in military matters.

A candidate should have good academic abilities and sound English and Mathematics.

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