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Kim Kardashian’s Christmas Card Latest Revealed

Kim Kardashian’s Christmas Card Latest 2011 Online: Kim Kardashian’s Christmas Cards online in market search around the world mostly peoples and fans of Kim Kardashian.The Kardashian/Jenner Christmas card for the year 2011 has been unveiled and this time around the entire look of the card is very sophisticated.

Kim Kardashian has gone through a rough period in her life since her marriage fell apart recently, but that did not stop her from doing her annual family Christmas card shoot. The Kardashian/Jenner family poses for a shoot for a Christmas card every year and this year too, there was no exception. This time around, the Christmas card supports a more sophisticated look and the entire family is wearing black with just a splash of color.

Usually, Kim Kardashian is seen wearing figure-hugging and revealing clothes, but in this shoot, she is wearing a sleek tuxedo, and no part of her bare body is visible. The reality TV starlet looks quite chic in her attire; she is wearing black high pants, a white button-down shirt with a bow-tie and a sequenced jacket. Her hair is tied back in a tight pony-tail, while she has painted her lips red.Kim Kardashian’s Christmas Card Latest Revealed

Khloe Kardashian, 27, is also wearing something similar to sister Kim, with a sparkly jacket, white shirt and trousers. Kourtney Kardashian, 32, is pregnant with her second child, but in the picture, her pregnancy is not evident. She is wearing a leather pencil skirt, white shirt and fur stole with kinky metallic-trimmed heels over short black stockings.

The Jenner teenagers are looking quite old in the looks in the Kardashian Christmas card. Aspiring model Kendall, 16, is wearing a tiered skirt with a sheer black top over a white shirt. On the other hand, Kylie, 14, is wearing a black suit with a pussy bow blouse and high heels.

The head of the family, Kris Jenner, is the only one wearing a color other than black and this proved to be a fresh splash of color for the photo. Kris is wearing a sparkly teal dress in the Kardashian/Jenner Christmas card.

All the men in the picture including Rob Kardashian, 24, Bruce Jenner, 62, Lamar Odom, 32 and Scott Disick, 28, are seen wearing sharp tuxedos. The person who really steals the show in the picture is the baby of the family, little Mason, Kourtney’s son, who is just looking adorable in his small tuxedo.

Kim Kardashian Christmas Card 2011 Free Online:

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The Kardashian/Jenner Christmas card is available everywhere and a 3-D version of the card is also up for grabs.

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