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Make Up Classes and Beauty Courses in Pakistan

It is human nature to look unique and presentable. Women in our society through their lifestyle and beauty have captured the hearts of people. It is the need of time to look charismatic so that the people can be attracted by our personality whole-heartedly.

“Beauty needs no ornaments”

Is a very true saying still women love to go to beauty salons for their grooming. Make-up enhances our features with a very small effort. There is a wide range of cosmetics being applied during the application of make-up. People prefer light and colorful make-up during summers to get a fresh look, dark and glowing ones are demanded in winters.

Make-up artist is a person who plays a major role in the grooming of a person There Make-up trends change with passing time and people can get to know about them through various courses offered by different institutes. There are a number of make-up artists who run their own make-up saloons and offer excellent services to their customers. These make-up artists are known worldwide by their marvelous make-up techniques and beauty tips.

Make Up Classes and Beauty Courses in Pakistan

Make Up Classes and Beauty Courses in Pakistan

In Pakistan there are a number of make-up and beauty institutes that are located in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and other places. These institutes mainly offer many innovative courses like bridal make-up, party make-up, self-grooming courses, facial courses, hair-styling, hair dyeing, make-up kit selection according to face shape and skin types etc.

There are a number of beauty techniques which are being taught at saloons like COSMETOLOGY in which innovative hair color techniques, skin and nail care strategies are taught to a trainee. Secondly, AESTHETICS is a program which teaches latest techniques of purity and renewal of skin. Thirdly NAIL TECHNOLOGY program include basics instructions for manicure, pedicure, nail extensions and nail sculpturing.

Finally MESSAGE THERAPY is meant to give the trainee firsthand knowledge about messaging techniques. The main focus of all these courses related to make-up and beauty is to train a student in such a professional way so that he can run his own personal saloon. Although there is a majority of famous make-up institutes in Pakistan but here I will mention only those which are among the top. The list is given below for the interested ones.

Sabs Saloon:

Sabs Saloon is located in Karachi and it is managed by a professional Saba Ansari. Saba Ansari is one of the famous names in the world of style and Fashion. Sabs is one of the premier salons in Pakistan and is known for its professionalism and customer satisfaction. This saloon started working in year 2001 and in a short time it has gained so much success. After getting success in Karachi Sabs has opened its branch in Lahore and is also keen to open its new branches in Dubai and UK.  Sabs offer make up classes and self grooming courses in Karachi and Lahore to train the new students. The course duration is of two months depending upon the type of course.

Amina Raja Make up Lounge:

Amina Raja also offers make up and self grooming courses. There are different types of courses are offered like self grooming/party make up course trains you to select perfect product according to your skin type and face shape. This course is of 7 session duration which 5000 Rs. Registration fee and total cost of 35000 Rs. The second course is professional make up course it teaches professional level make up from foundation level to a professional level. This course includes bridal make up, product awareness, make up kit formation and other skills. After doing this course students can start their own make up classes. The duration of the course is of 4 weeks duration. This institute is present in Lahore.

Depilex Saloon:

In 1980 Masarrat Misbah founded depilex saloon. Over the years Depilex has gained greater expertise and wider exposure in each of their specialized service area. Depilex provides its customers with the best in Customer Service, Professionalism and Expertise. Hence it is always in the forefront of the Hair, Beauty and Fashion trends in Pakistan. Depilex now has 30 branches in Pakistan and one in Dubai, UAE and USA. In fact, Depilex is Pakistan’s only salon that has a branch in a foreign country. Plans are underway to open new branches in England. The main depilex institutes are present in Karachi and Lahore that offer different courses to students. Depilex is a world class professional institute which is affiliated with:

  • Depilex is affiliated with The British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology.
  • Depilex Institute is affiliated with City of Sunderland College in the United Kingdom.
  • Depilex is ISO certified.
  • Depilex is associated with Sindh Board of Technical Education.
  • Depilex Institute professional diplomas are recognized in Canadian, US, UK and Australian embassies.

Depilex offers the following courses:

  • Professional course which includes Hair dressing, Make-up and Skin aesthetics
  • Advance course includes Advance hair dressing, Make-up and Skin aesthetics
  • Fitness and wellness training classes
  • Diet and nutrition course
  • Training classes for aerobics instructors
  • Yoga training courses
  • Holistic Treatments Course
  • Reflexology
  • Personal Grooming Course

Ather Shehzad also conducts bridal make up, party make up, hair styling, hair dyes and self grooming classes, facial, face polishing classes in Lahore. Ather Shahzad is one of the renowned makeup artists in our country.

IFAP (International Fashion Academy Pakistan):

The International Fashion Academy of Pakistan (IFAP) is a private training institute which provides a comprehensive teaching and resource programs for Grooming, Photography, Makeup and Modeling for individuals. Upon successful completion of the course students can work in their own saloon. There are different academies in IFAP which are the modeling academy, The grooming Academy, The photography Academy, The fashion Styling Academy, The hair styling Academy, The Makeup academy, TV, Acting and Film Academy. The courses offer in these academies will teach students everything they need to know about becoming a professional make-up artist, hair styling and grooming, photographer aand many other professional skills. This institute is present in Lahore.

Sapna Beauty Saloon:

Sapna beauty salon offers many services to its customers like Mehndi, Makeup and Facial, Sapna also provides specialized services like Rebounding, Streaking and Hair Treatment. Different training programs are offered in Sapna beauty salon like cosmetology, Esthetics, Nail Technology, Massage Therapy and many other courses. Hair, skin and make up techniques are offered at sapna. This institute has many branches in Karachi and Hyderabad.

The mentioned beauty and make-up institutes are the few ones among so many famous institutes in Pakistan. Therefore keep visiting study sols if you want to know more about the institutes offering beauty and make-up classes in Pakistan.

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