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PAF Sargodha 8th Class Entry Test Result 2013

PAF Public School Sargodha Announced the 8th class Entry Test 2013 Result here.

PAF Public School Sargodha will be announce the result of the class of 7th and 8th. This School will only chose 1,000 of boys for medical and other test. This School Exams were started in November.

PAF Public School Sargodha Admissions

ABBOTTABAD : 310 Mansehra Road (Tel: 9310263)
BAHAWALPUR : 10-A Extension Scheme Satellite Town (Tel: 9250103)
D.I Khan : Fazal Shaheed Road D.I Khan Cantt (Tel: 9280311)
FAISALABAD : 10-A Extension Scheme Satellite Town (Tel: 9200362)
HYDERABAD : 310 Mansehra Road (Tel: 781042 )
KARACHI : 10-A Extension Scheme Satellite Town (Tel: 9202299)
LAHORE : 310 Mansehra Road (Tel: 9220084)
PESHAWAR : 10-A Extension Scheme Satellite Town (Tel: 9210829)
MULTAN : 310 Mansehra Road (Tel: 518288)
QUETTA : 10-A Extension Scheme Satellite Town (Tel: 9201753)
RAWALPINDI : 310 Mansehra Road (Tel: 5565695 )
SUKKUR : 10-A Extension Scheme Satellite Town (Tel: 23796)

PAF Sargodha 8th Class Entry Test Result 2013

Check Your Entry Test Result Here Online




H0001, H0003, H0006, H0015, H0016, H0017, H0018, H0032, H0040, H0048, H0051, H0054

K0010, K0016, K0018, K0019, K0026, K0027, K0030, K0032, K0035, K0038, K0061, K0065, K0075, K0076, K0077, K0078, K0079, K0081, K0082, K0083, K0084, K0086, K0087, K0088, K0091, K0092, K0093, K0094, K0098, K0099, K0109, K0110, K0114, K0124, K0131, K0150, K0172, K0180, K0187, K0188, K0193, K0201, K0202, K0203, K0205

L0002, L0012, L0022, L0033, L0054, L0068, L0069, L0078, L0080, L0084, L0085, L0086, L0096, L0138, L0163, L0168, L0190, L0204, L0224, L0225, L0227, L0229, L0231, L0242, L0250, L0262, L0272, L0274, L0318, L0321, L0322, L0323, L0326, L0327, L0329, L0341, L0345, L0346, L0360, L0391, L0392, L0393, L0400, L0409, L0414, L0416, L0423, L0455, L0456, L0479, L0487, L0489, L0496, L0502, L0536, L0539, L0598, L0628, L0661, L0663, L0677, L0678, L0684, L0685, L0688, L0724, L0742, L0747, L0748, L0750, L0782, L0784, L0786, L0787, L0796, L0803, L0808, L0827, L0859, L0887, L0924, L0947, L0950, L0963, L0968, L0987, L1011, L1015, L1026, L1027, L1029, L1035, L1042, L1045, L1054, L1059, L1063, L1064, L1066, L1067, L1071, L1120, L1140, L1146, L1194, L1196, L1220, L1230, L1253, L1256, L1257, L1270, L1292, L1293, L1323, L1324, L1325, L1339, L1340, L1353, L1368, L1399, L1405, L1416, L1441, L1449, L1454, L1462, L1469, L1513, L1515, L1517, L1559, L1560, L1561, L1563, L1567, L1569, L1583, L1586, L1587, L1588, L1590, L1611, L1619, L1620, L1623, L1624, L1625, L1626, L1628, L1631, L1649, L1662, L1704, L1707, L1724, L1739, L1741, L1763, L1790, L1791, L1792, L1817, L1826, L1828, L1833, L1834, L1835, L1836, L1839, L1878, L1880, L1894, L1923, L1942, L1951,

M0001, M0009, M0012, M0018, M0023, M0026, M0037, M0046, M0080, M0102, M0103, M0163, M0175, M0177, M0182, M0184, M0193, M0196, M0199, M0205, M0206, M0214, M0246, M0279, M0282, M0323, M0325, M0358, M0363, M0369, M0388, M0391, M0396, M0398, M0411, M0424, M0426, M0428, M0432, M0456, M0462, M0465, M0466, M0468, M0476, M0481, M0486, M0488, M0491, M0492, M0494, M0498, M0500, M0502, M0503, M0515, M0520, M0521, M0523, M0525, M0530, M0531, M0555, M0561, M0574, M0590, M0602, M0604, M0610, M0611, M0612, M0613, M0619, M0638, M0642, M0656, M0667, M0674, M0693, M0697, M0704, M0712, M0716, M0717, M0718, M0719, M0720, M0730, M0753, M0756, M0757, M0759, M0765, M0778, M0782, M0792, M0793, M0798, M0803, M0834, M0854, M0874, M0881, M0931, M0936, M0937, M0939, M0992, M0998, M0999, M1006, M1008, M1010, M1012, M1025, M1026, M1027, M1028, M1031, M1047, M1051, M1057, M1067, M1080, M1089, M1097, M1115, M1134, M1137, M1147, M1180, M1225, M1236, M1260, M1275, M1276, M1286, M1321, M1333, M1379,

N0002, N0005, N0014, N0016, N0018, N0019, N0020, N0023, N0024, N0031, N0043, N0052, N0057, N0058, N0059, N0063, N0064, N0065, N0090, N0110

P0005, P0008, P0011, P0012, P0013, P0021, P0022, P0026, P0029, P0030, P0031, P0032, P0051, P0055, P0058, P0070, P0076, P0094, P0098, P0099, P0100, P0101, P0109, P0110, P0114, P0116, P0121, P0163, P0165, P0190, P0203, P0204, P0207, P0209, P0222, P0223, P0230, P0239, P0268, P0276, P0281, P0302, P0334, P0335, P0336

Q0007, Q0009, Q0014, Q0019, Q0023, Q0024, Q0026, Q0027

 R0014, R0018, R0020, R0031, R0033, R0042, R0048, R0050, R0051, R0055, R0073, R0074, R0081, R0097, R0135, R0138, R0151, R0159, R0164, R0197, R0202, R0209, R0231,R0232, R0250, R0253, R0256, R0261, R0268, R0273, R0282, R0294, R0299, R0302, R0303, R0329, R0330, R0345, R0352, R0354, R0357, R0365, R0389, R0401, R0406, R0413, R0414, R0420, R0421, R0425, R0433, R0435, R0438, R0439, R0451, R0456, R0459, R0473, R0479, R0486, R0497, R0503, R0506, R0539, R0545, R0551, R0574, R0577, R0578, R0585, R0594, R0595, R0615, R0623, R0637, R0641, R0647, R0651, R0665, R0671, R0674, R0677, R0681, R0683, R0684, R0695, R0696, R0698, R0716, R0717, R0719, R0748, R0752, R0767, R0784, R0800, R0801, R0803, R0823, R0827, R0848, R0854, R0855, R0864, R0873, R0891, R0911, R0912, R0913, R0914, R0917, R0918, R0919, R0920, R0922, R0923, R0924, R0928, R0929, R0931, R0932, R0933, R0936, R0937, R0941, R0944, R0945, R0946, R0947, R0948, R0949, R0951, R0952, R0954, R0955, R0957, R0959, R0961, R0963, R0964, R0975, R0988, R0992, R1024, R1025, R1031, R1062, R1066, R1070, R1086, R1087, R1114, R1144, R1153, R1156, R1182, R1210, R1211, R1237, R1244,

 S0007, S0010, S0013, S0014, S0018, S0020, S0023, S0030, S0043, S0044, S0049, S0056, S0066, S0075, S0084, S0096, S0116, S0138, S0140, S0146, S0149, S0174, S0181, S0189, S0191, S0193, S0194, S0205, S0210, S0211, S0221, S0234, S0275, S0278, S0284, S0308, S0318, S0319, S0322, S0364, S0386, S0400, S0404, S0405, S0419, S0423, S0426, S0427, S0437, S0438, S0439, S0443, S0446, S0460, S0470, S0497, S0505, S0506, S0511, S0525, S0527, S0537, S0563, S0570, S0578, S0607, S0610, S0635, S0699, S0736, S0738, S0781, S0788, S0789, S0790, S0811, S0826, S0831, S0832, S0836, S0837, S0847, S0857, S0861, S0868, S0870, S0943, S1024, S1044, S1090, S1126, S1143, S1173, S1186, S1187, S1190, S1206, S1231, S1233, S1234, S1237, S1239, S1240, S1376, S1392, S1403, S1406, S1422



TEL NO: 048- 3729702/3, Ext: 331


PAF Sargodha 8th Class Entry Test Result 2013

If you are a student of 7th class or 8th class and want to admission in PAF Sargodha and can’t find your result on above list please write down in comments section.

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  1. i cannot find my result my rollnum is SO819 sir please reply

  2. Sir,
    i cannot found my roll # L0932

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  6. plz i want to check the result of dawood ijaz.his roll no is so111.

  7. result of my child L0262

  8. plz send my entry test result of 8th class on my e.mail roll nopo199.

  9. i am given test but i forgot my roll no and roll no there is any other way to find my result

  10. sir i want ti know my result
    my roll no is L1780

  11. sir my roll no is L1782

    waiting for my result

  12. is it update for 2012 ro 719 amher riaz confirm me pls


  14. Mo440-mo441-mo42 please send me result in my email

  15. Mo440-mo441-mo42 please send in my email 2013

  16. Mo440-mo441-mo42 please send in my email

  17. i gave the good test of paf public school sargodha so plz tell me my result L1774

  18. Please tell me my result roll number is R0411. Thanks

  19. i also given the test of paf public school sargodha for admissin 2013

  20. Respected sir,
    can u please tell my result of entry test which was on 28 nov. And my roll number is R0432

  21. when will the result announce of paf sargodha 2013?

  22. i also given the test of paf public school sargodha for admissin 2013
    and my roll no is L1774..plz tell me my result

  23. roshan zahid .roll number is ro838.

  24. salam sir , can you please tell me my result , my roll number is R0411 . Many Thanks

  25. A0A… whn will be result announced of 8th class 2012..?

  26. The result for entry test is when

  27. sir my name is mohd iqbal s/o rafi ullah kakar and my roll no is Q0048 , im from quetta Balochistan

  28. I want to check my 8th class entry test 2012

  29. the roll no is p s 0086 no found in list . my child said that the test is very good

  30. my nice roll no is 14191 plz tell me about result

  31. AOA. i want to ask that when the result for entrance test of 2012 will be announced?

  32. it is very good.i like that alot

  33. Is this result of written test held on 18 november 2012?

    • i also given the test this year 2012 and our result will be given on 26 dec 2012 on
      and by de way were u given the test wat was ur roolll no and which cntre u give
      i am from sukkar

  34. my roll no is lo 842 and name is hamza mukhtar but not in result list pls tell me

  35. Dear Sir,

    The Roll MO446 is not found in the list but My son said test is very good please check again. am very thank ful to you

  36. my roll no is L1180 plz tell me my result

  37. when the entry tests will start

  38. Are there is reserved seats for fata students

  39. Respected sir ,

    I am ghulam ishaq from fata mohmand agency .And i want to take admission in PAF cadet college sargodha.plz guide me how to apply .and when .plz reply me via email or my cell phone number.number is 03339409397

  40. Respected sir ,

    Iam ghulam ishaq from fata mohmand agency .And i want to take admission in PAF cadet college sargodha.plz guide me how to apply .and when .plz reply me via email or my cell phone number.number is 03339409397

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    I am Hamza .I want to take admission in PAF cadet college Sargodha.Plz guide me how to apply and when.Plz reply me via email.

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    thanks and regards


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  44. respected sir,

    i want to study in cadet college and i want to be a pilot.

  45. Respected Sir ,

    My rollno is LH21327 ,I am waiting for my result of the given examination.


  46. hy i also give paf papers i do my best in the papers but there is not my roll number in this result my roll number is ro629 plz check it 🙂

  47. my papers was good but here is not my result . Roll no . SO791

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  51. Result of PAF Sargodha for 8th class

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  53. The roll No L-1769 not found in list . My child said that the test is very good.


  55. result of my child L-1744

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    plz reply….

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