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Pakistan army Vs Indian army Comparison 2013

Army is the strength of any country that protects the country from different kinds of unusual situation. Here I would like to compare the armed forces of two powerful neighboring countries Pakistan and India. Pakistan and India got independence 65 years ago, the two countries share a long border and the Pakistani armed forces can fight against Indian forces and vice versa.  As you know that India is a huge country in terms of population and area as compare to Pakistan so they must have huge number of armed forces as compare to Pakistan. Both the countries are nuclear power.

Pakistan and Indian army consist of brave soldiers and officers on which the entire system of armed forces runs. Pakistan and India are nuclear power countries and both the countries have strong armed forces. Both the countries have fought many wars between each other. Both the countries spend huge among of budget on their army. Pakistan and Indian army have overcome their weak points and are trying to become perfect in every point of view. Both the armies are playing their role effectively. Both the armies know offensive and defense techniques very well but here we will compare the armed forces of both the countries by covering every aspect.

Pakistan army vs Indian army comparison 2013 Number of Forces Tanks Weapons Missiles Atom Bombs Fighter Jets and Helicopters

 Indian army is the 3rd largest in the world in terms of numbers while Pakistan has the 8th largest army in the world at present. India has 1300000 active troops whereas Pakistan has 550000 active soldiers. In addition, India has 1200000 reserve troops with strength of 200000 in Territorial Army. Pakistan’s army strength goes up to more than 900000 if we include navy (25000), Air Force (50000), Paramilitary forces (300000), and coast Guards.

Pakistan has more than 500 Al-Khalid main battle tanks (current and planned),  320 T-80 tanks,1300 Al-Zarrar and type 85-II and type 69-II tanks, 50 amphibious tanks, 345 M48A5 US-made tanks,  and 50 T-54/55 tanks Whereas Indian army has 2414 T-72 battle tanks, 807 T-90 tanks, and 248 Arjun MK-II tanks (planned). There are 550 T-55 tanks too.  Apart from these, there are more than 700 armored personnel carriers, 255 reconnaissance vehicles, 410 Bofors Howitzer guns, 200 M-46 field guns, 550 more M-46 field guns( to be replaced), and several thousand other field guns.

We can compare the Air force of both the countries. Indian Air Force has around 3500 air-crafts of which 1300 are light combat air-crafts that operate from 61 air bases. This makes Indian Air Force fourth largest in the world. Indian air-crafts are mostly Russian and French such as MIG, Mirage, and Sukhoi with work in progress on the development of new air-crafts in HAL. India also has ground attack air-crafts, reconnaissance air-crafts, UAV’s and helicopters. In comparison, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has about 550 combat air-crafts operating out of 9 airbases. Its fighters are mostly US and Chinese in origin. It also has transport air-crafts though it lacks UAV and reconnaissance air-crafts.

We can also compare the naval force of both the countries. Pakistan Navy operates from a sole naval base at Karachi. On the other hand, Indian Navy is indigenous in nature and it has many bases at Vishakhapattanam, Mumbai, Goa, and Andaman Islands. Total number of ships in Pakistan Navy is 11 and number of merchant marine strength is 10 whereas the Total number of ships in Indian Navy is 175 and number of merchant marine strength is 324. Pakistan Navy has improved its power with the passage of time.

And in terms of missiles we can say that India is ahead of Pakistan with a full blown indigenous program whereas Pakistan is dependent upon North Korea and China for its ballistic missile needs. Pakistan has different types of missiles like Abdali, Ghaznavi, Shaheen, Ghauri and Taimoor where as India have different types of missiles named as Pritvi and agni.

Besides all other comparisons, Pakistan is ahead of India in terms of the modern AWACS aircraft. The use of AWACS planes is extremely important in modern warfare as they are equipped with radar and can give information about enemy planes, ships and missiles. India currently has only three AWACS while Pakistan has nine of these planes.

We can compared many aspects of both the armed forces of Pakistan and India therefore in the end I would conclude by saying that Both Indian and Pakistan forces match out evenly when it comes to nuclear and missile fronts but India seems to have superiority in terms of conventional forces. Pak Navy is smaller and has no aircraft carrier while Indian navy is much superior with various ships including aircraft carriers.

This was all about the comparison of armed forces of both the countries Pakistan and India. If you want to know more about the forces of Pakistan and India then keep visiting this website.

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  1. Indian air force does not belive in the indegenious capabilities of HAL and DRDO. Despite 2 long decdes, Tejas along woth MBT have become white elephants. Indian land forces are in dire need of artillery guns. Indian weapon system is obsolete, where as Pakistan has far better wapons due to generosity of the USA and the ambition of Pakistan to edge out India all the fields. Indian navy is in deep trouble with the loss of the submarine. The 6 Scorpians submarians, will take another 6 years for induction. Teh submarine force of India has submerged with only 8 outdated ones floating. Pakistan on the other hand receives steadly all her requirements from the generous benefactor China. Strtegically also India is well sorrunded , with China friendly countrires. Therefore comparison favours Pakistan.

  2. As far a the Indian air force s concerned, Pakistan has the overall edge with F16 and China's thunders. India is yet to modernize her air force, with Mig 21 is termed as flying coffin. Tejas is a mirrage, and is waiting for final opertional clearance.

  3. This is an old analysis of the defenses of India and Pakistan. The current scenario dipicts a differenct picture altogether. India has lost her edge in the air force and land force. It is not the numbers that matters but what mattrs is the qualaity of the armed forces.

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