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Poverty in Pakistan ,Causes,Solutions

Poverty in Pakistan:
Pakistan a nation of 160 million People has in real 34% of its Population that is much higher then the Government figure is 24% living below the Poverty line but precious little seems to be done to Address this imbalance.Even more the fact is that Government Figure do not Recognize the Growing Urban-Rural divide.

Poverty in Pakistan ,Causes,Solutions
Causes of this Poverty:
This Issue is Directly link toward Country Tax Structure,with the Majority of the Revenues going into coffers of Fredral and Provincial Government,which forcing the Local Bodies that have the wrestle with the Poverty Issues to plead with these Authority for more money.The debate over this issue has been going on for years”.
The government says that the number of people living below the poverty line has dropped significantly in recent years from 34 percent of the population in 1999 to 24 percent today.As in the case of many other developing countries, the government uses an income yardstick of a dollar-a-day per person to define poverty. But this is a very misleading figure in Pakistan’s case.
“For one thing, there has been a sharp decline in the rupee’s value against the dollar over the last 15 years. Back in the early 1990s, a dollar was worth around Rs.30. Today, it is worth Rs.90. So, when one says that a person’s income is a dollar a day today, it translates into an income of Rs.90 rupees a day.

Solution of this Poverty:
But, the other side of this coin has to do with the fact that that Pakistan is becoming an increasingly urbanised country, with large numbers of the rural population migrating to cities.
“While people living in cities have better access to things like healthcare and education, they pay much higher prices for food than the inhabitants of rural areas. Moreover, unlike rural inhabitants, most urban inhabitants live in rented accommodation and have to spend a big chunk of their income on rent.
“They also have to spend a big chunk of their income on transport costs, commuting back and forth from their homes to their work places. The cumulative result of all these factors has been a sharp rise in urban poverty.If our People think About also Our Rural Areas then our country is no more in Under Developing Countries Count but in the Develop Countries Count of it in top level.But also our Leaders not a good Persons so that our Country is not doing Progress well but god Helps him in our Country Progress and change them mind for not to take money but to take time for the betterment of our Country.

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