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Prime Minister Qarze Hasana Scheme 2016 Registration Online

Here find the Prime Minister Qarze Hasana Scheme 2016 Registration Online and how to apply online, last date, eligibility criteria. Prime minister of Pakistan launches “Prime Minister’s Youth Program” for the youngsters of this country. This youth program will help the poor and talented students to earn good opportunities of employment, acquiring skills needed for the job, job training and use of computers. This youth program will ultimately lead to the development of economy of Pakistan.

Our youth cannot play a vital role in the economical progress of Pakistan due to lack of opportunities and financial shortage, therefore Prime minister’s youth program is an initial step towards the development of Pakistan.

Introduction Qarze Hasana Scheme 2016:

Prime minster has announced six welfare schemes for youth. The program comprises six schemes named as: Micro Interest Free Loans Scheme, Small Business Loans Scheme, Youth Training Scheme, Youth Skill Development Scheme, Fee Assistance Scheme and PM’s Scheme for Laptops Provision.

Qarze Hasana Scheme ‘Micro Interest Free Loans’ is especially focused upon the financially weak segments of society. Under it, a total of Rs3.5 billion would be allocated this financial year which would benefit about 250,000 people. The loans provided would be totally interest free.

PM Qarze Hasana Scheme 2016 Eligibility Criteria:

Vulnerable rural and urban poor people with a poverty score of up to 40 are eligible for Prime minister’s Qarze Hasana program. In this program 50% loans will b given to women.

How To Apply and Forms with any Registration Process:

You can apply in PM’s Scheme for Provision of Qarze Hasana as per eligibility criteria mentioned above. The federal cabinet has already given approval to all these initiatives. All arrangements for the implementation of these programs have been completed. The Qarze Hasana program will be completely on merit basis and transparent. Therefore only eligible candidates should apply for this program. Government of Pakistan will announce the registration procedure with application forms after 2016. Here on this page you will soon be updated with the application process and registration forms will be available on this website.

PM Qarze Hasana Scheme 2016 Eligibility Forms Registration Details

Brief description Qarz-e-Hasana (microfinance) facility aimed at helping the industry raise current access level of 2.5 million people to 5.0 million in next 5 years.
Eligibility criteria Vulnerable rural and urban poor with a poverty score of up to 40
Focus on women 50% of loans will go to women borrowers.
Geographical spread All Pakistan, preferably limited and un-served areas.
Pricing It is Qarz-e-Hasana and will not carry any mark-up.
Size and number of loans 250,000 loans of Rs.25,000 average
Government Grant 2016 Rs.3.5 billion.
Executing agency PPAF through enlisted partner organizations and community organizations having necessary expertise and experience.
Recycling Borrowers will be encouraged to return the loan that will go back to permanent fund available to the community for future lending. Fund will also educate the borrowers to convert from being “takers” to “givers”, so that the fund will continue to grow.

Further Updates and Candidates list will be available Here when its Officially announced.Registration forms also available here for Download. You Can Check this site also for  further details.

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