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Ramadan 2017 Calendar with Sehr-o-Iftar Timing Schedule

The Ramadan ul Mubarak Holy Month of Islam in 2017 will start on 27th May and will continue for 30 days until Wednesday, the 7th of August. On 27th May 2017 everyone will sight the Moon for the Ramadan and it’s maximum possible that Ramadan will be Start in the Month of May 2017 and in this month we set our Routines and offer prayers of 5 times. We get up in the Sehri Time and prepare our-self for the Sahar for the Fasting every one fasting in the Sehri and after Sahar we offer Prayer of Fujar and we do not eat whole day because it is Fast (ROZA) And after Noon Time every one start preparation of the Fasting (Aftar). it is the Holy Month So in this month we can get the maximum rewards of our Good Works.

Because Allah Give us 100 time rewards of our one good work So we should do maximum good Works because it the chance to get the Maximum rewards in this month. These 30 days are more then thousand of years worship. There are many more special days in Holy Ramadan like 21, 23, 25, 27, 29 because these are odd numbered nights and The last ten days and nights of Ramadan are the most blessed.

Ramadan 2017 Calendar with Sehr-o-Iftar Timing Schedule

Ramadan Calendar Schedule Pakistan 2017 with Sehr-o-Iftar Timing

Therefore we should exert themselves in worship even more during each of the last 10 days and nights, particularly the last ten odd numbered nights. Fasts Because these night are very special for the . Ramadan is the most Holy month of Islamic Calendar year.This month is the pillar of Islam.

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Ramadan 2017 Time Table

We can get maximum blessings in this month because this month is special judgement of the Muslims that how much they love they Allah. This month bring us more closer to our Allah Pak. In the Last 10 Days of Ramadan (Last Ashrah of Month of Ramadan) is the Special Ashrah ( Special 10 days to get the maximum blessings) With Atkaf. Because many people sitting in the Atikaf Some people sit for 10 days some people sit for 3 days.

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