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Top 10 Schools in Pakistan

If you are looking for the top 10 schools in Pakistan than you are at right place. First of let me tell you that choosing a school for your kids is one of the most difficult things in the world. There are large number of private and public schools, which claims that they provides excellent education in Pakistan but most of these colleges are fake as well as they are only here to collect revenue from the students. These schools not only charge too much fee but also don’t provide good education to the students. If you are also looking for the best school for your kid than you are at right place. There are also number of good schools which provides excellent education as well as they also don’t charge heavy dues from its students. These schools also builds the personalities of its students. Here I’m going to solve your problem for choosing best school for your toddler in Pakistan. These schools are also ranked by the education department of Pakistan. So feel free to enroll your kids in these students which will provide them excellent education and build their personalities. Just have a look on below paragraphs where I have mentioned most Expensive & Boarding schools in Pakistan.

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Top 10 Schools in Pakistan

List of Best Schools in Pakistan Top 10

List of Top Level School in Pakistan:

Aitcheson College Lahore:

This is the top schools in Pakistan which has been providing excellent education in Pakistan. This school is ranked number one best school in Pakistan which also build the personalities of its students.

Beacon House School System:

Beacon House school system is also the name of quality education in Pakistan. This well reputed school provides good education as well as also don’t charge too much fee from its students.

Lahore Grammar School:

Lahore Grammar school is also stands in the list of top schools in Pakistan which provides good education more than any other private schools in Pakistan.

Karachi Grammar School:

This is also one of the best schools in Pakistan which focuses on the career development of its students. This school is 1st priority for all those students who want to get excellent education in Pakistan.


This is also one of the best schools in Pakistan which stands in the list of top 10 schools I Pakistan.

Sadiq Public School Bahawalpur:

This school is also one of the top schools in Pakistan which has been providing international studies to the local students of Pakistan.

The City School:

The City schools is also one of the top rising schools in Pakistan which is becoming the top schools in Pakistan day by day.

The Punjab School:

This is the best option for all those students who want to get admission in top 10 schools in Pakistan.

Bloomfield School:

Bloomfield School is the best schools for all students who want to get excellent education and want to make their career bright in Pakistan.

These all Schools name was included in top 20 schools so if you are any trouble about list of top school in Punjab Pakistan than please use comment session or stay here for further educational updates.

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  1. best school is army public school

  2. Beacon house kya waqai a cha school hey?

  3. I love Bss it is the best school

  4. Army Public Schools And Colleges System(APSACS) is the best school system all over Pakistan ,with more than106 branches all over Cantonaments in is an Army-run Institution.Proud to be an APSACIAN.

  5. I think (LGS)Lahore grammar school best school in the pakistan….

  6. LGS is one of the best school in pakistan

  7. becon house is no good……………………. st.josephs is the best…

  8. why not roots school system

  9. The mentioned above list only tells about the public schools and i want to paste my request to have a ranking of higher standard institutions of pakistan like Army Burn Hall College Abbottabad,Military College Jehlum,Lawrance College Murree etc so that people should get the info about these colleges as I studied in Army Burn Hall College as it is a Complete cradle of learning for children……

  10. aitchison is one of the best school of pakistan.

  11. I have gone through the syllabus, pass percentage, teachers profile as well as teaching methodology of almost all the top level schools. Now I can confirm that The Lyceum LGCS is one of the upcoming institutions beside Beaconhouse, The LGS Karachi , Lahore grammar school etc


  13. Beaconhouse school system is and should be the best school in pakistan and for your kind information Bahawal,all the beaconhites,know how to speak in English and we always look forward towards it,so u dare challenge us in english,we will always beat u or the school u study in.

  14. Bloomfield is the best school in pakistan and should be at the top

  15. saint marys school and college is the best as it provides the best all round education including manners also many famous people have studied in it . Plus it has all big grounds and proper places for sports.

  16. i want to know about THE PUNJAB SCHOOL is there o level studies

  17. I think City school is the best

  18. some people from schools like beaconhouse, lgs and universal school system dont even know proper english which tells you about their schools.

  19. The city school is best for primary education and Sadiq public school is best college for secondary education it is a very good boarding school and may famous people have studied from here.

  20. Cathedral 2 is the best school in world

  21. please vote beacon's best hard working

  22. PREPARATORY SCHOOL ISLAMABAD is the best school in Pakistan. Beaconhouse and all the others suck

  23. rooys is also a good school and got academic exellence award of 2009 and 2010 so u should include roots in this ranking

  24. I think you should add Divisional Public School in the list as it provides quality education, manners and skills to its students:)

  25. BEACONHOUSE school is the best school in Pakistan !!! no doubt

  26. *from


    Sorry for mistakes 🙁

  27. Hey! Thanks for the list. But, see, the thing is, I’m coming to pakistan next year rom Astralia and I was thinking about doing my year 11 and 12 there. Are there any good colleges/schools to which i can apply? Also, I’m looking for a scholarship, if possible. thanks 🙂

  28. pls do tell me abt American lystuff

  29. Universal School System is best school in E-11/4 Isalamabad

  30. Anyone tell me about Universal School System. I have seen many banners really inspring for me.

  31. If you are from Islamabad then u must visit

  32. If you are from Islamabad u must visit then

  33. you are from Islamabad then must visit


  35. thank u but plz add BAHRIA FOUNDATION COLLEGE because it is a very good school and disciplined

  36. thankyou so much for voting the beacon house in top ten i request you to please add educators in it because in educators

    we have very well mannerd enviorment and great study responsible teachers and american school system

  37. thanx 4 ur kind information……does the Karachi grammer school provides a facility of Hostel if not so kindly guide me about any other school having hostel facility. Children r off 4 and 5.

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