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Top Highest Paying Jobs in Pakistan

Different people do different kinds of jobs so certain jobs are still high paying as ever, I will tell you about high paid professions in the world as well as Pakistan. The rankings of jobs change with the passage of time. You must remember that success doesn’t come with the diversification of efforts but it comes with the concentration of efforts.

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Success in these great careers requires significant applied intelligence and creativity combined with hard work and dedication. These careers are good choices for individuals considering which degree to earn, and all of these careers represent a good return on the investment. Here is the list of high paying jobs in Pakistan. Here I will mention the average monthly salary ranges of different jobs but it also depends on the company. The salary range means monthly salary of a person from the beginning and after quite good experience of many years.

Top Highest Paying Jobs in Pakistan Complete List

  •  Chief Executive Officer:CEO highest paying Jobs In Pakistan

The salary range of a CEO is from Rs. 1000, 00 to Rs.1,500,000 in Pakistan.

A CEO leads a company. CEOs are often directly involved in initiating and driving the company’s most significant initiatives. Because of this leadership role within the company, the CEO is normally the highest paid position in business. CEOs possess higher degree in business administration.

  • Surgeon:

Surgeon jobs in Pakistan  The salary range of Surgeon is from Rs. 1000, 00 to Rs.1,000,000.

Surgeons treat patients suffering from disease, injury, and deformity using various surgical techniques.       Because of the significant amount of training and study required to become a surgeon, and the risks and responsibilities involved in the job, Surgeons are the highest paid professionals in the field of healthcare.

  • Marketing Manager:Marketing Manager highest paying Jobs in Pakistan

The salary range of marketing manager is from Rs. 85,000 to Rs.700,000.

Marketing Managers are responsible for market segmentation and developing product and pricing strategies that will allow their firms to maximize their profits while growing market share. Marketing managers are Bachelor in marketing and also earn an advanced degree in the form of an MBA in Marketing to supplement their undergraduate education and work experience.

  • Financial Manager:

The salary range of Finance manager is from to Rs. 75,000 to Rs. 500,000.

Financial Managers oversee the financial workings of a company. These individuals are responsible for most, if not all areas of finance including payroll, forecasting, investment, banking, insurance, securities and all other financial aspects of a given branch, office or department of their corporation. Minimum education of them is bachelor degree in finance.

  • Software Engineer:

Software Engineer highest paying jobs in Pakistan   The salary range of software engineer is from Rs. 40,000 to 200,000.

A software engineer is the demand of every good company. Software engineer can get attractive salary and they can work in different areas like software houses, software publishers, wired telecommunication carriers, and in many IT companies where their demand is very high.

  • Creative Designer:

The salary range of creative designer is from 12,000 to 80,000 Rs.

Creative Designing is catching up as a popular profession. With businesses investing massively in corporate websites and online presence as well as the booming print media, creative and graphic designers are in high demand.

  • Airline Pilot, Co-Pilot and Flight Engineer:Pilot highest paying jobs in Pakistan

The average salary range of a commercial pilot ranges from 40,000 Rs to 1,10000 Rs.

These individuals are responsible for safely piloting and navigating the flight of commercial aircraft for the transportation of cargo and passengers. Special training is required become a pilot because most airlines want specific education with lots of experience.

  • Purchasing Manager:

The salary range of Purchase manager is from 25,000 to 75,000 Rs.

Purchasing Managers oversee and coordinate the buyers, purchasing officers and other staff involved in purchasing materials, products and/or services for a company. They also acquire bachelor degree in business administration.

  • Mathematician:

Top Highest Paying Jobs in Pak   The salary range of mathematics teacher is from Rs. 15,000 to 70,000.

Mathematicians research fundamental and/or applied mathematics for use in science, management, and most aspects of everyday life. Many mathematicians that hold research positions at academic institutions also teach.

The salaries mentioned here are average salaries of these professions in Pakistan but it also depends upon the situation of a company paying salary to its people. These should not the considered as ultimate figures because fluctuations may come but average ranges are mentioned there in above which surely provide good ideas.

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