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Career Options

How To Join Pakistan Navy Cadet and Seals

Seals or Special Services Group (Navy) was raised in 1967. The Midget, Submarines and Chariots were subsequently inducted to increase the reach of frogman operations. To enhance the offensive potentials of SSG(N) new midgets known as Shallow Water Attack Submarines (SWATS) were inducted in 1991 and 1992. The SSG(N) consists of highly trained, dedicated and motivated men who are multi-dimensionally …

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How to Study for Higher Marks in Annual Exams

To achieve higher marks is the desire of every student and to gain higher marks is not the cup of tea. Serious efforts are required to achieve higher grades. You should do proper planning because there are different methods and ways to do your studies. Every person has its own style of doing study. Some want proper silence but other …

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Importance of Class Room and Teacher

Class room is a place where a student learns a lot in his early life. A student spends half of his day in the class room from the age of 4-5 years till 22-25 years of age. It means that he spends half of his life in the class room where he can make the most of everything. When a …

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How to Remember Question and Answer Lesson for Long Time

You must have come to know that students face this basic problem in their academic life that they don’t remember the answers of the question for a long time. There are certain useful tips if you want to remember answers for a long time. I will mention some important tips which will be very useful to you. Here are the …

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How to Overcome Fear of Examination

Exams are held to check the analytical abilities of the students. The main purpose of exam is to evaluate the skills of the students. Although it is important to get good marks in your exams but gaining knowledge to utilize in practical life is very important. In this age of competition every student wants to take lead from the other …

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Steps for Students to Learn More than Others

In these days there is too much competition among the students. Every student want to get more marks than others. Everyone has different techniques and different strategy for study. It means that there is difference in the learning style of every person. There are some other factors too like the intelligence level, natural talents; teachers of some student differ from …

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Parents Role in Career Guidance of Students

Career guidance means choosing the right career path among various options available. Choice of the career is one of the turning points in the life of a student. Success of a student relies on the choice of right career according to his interests and priorities. Parents can play the major in making the decision of career choice for their child. …

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Teacher Role in Students Educational Success

Teachers are considered those people which build the base of a nation. Teachers are the real guiders for the students. It is the teacher which makes strong base of students in subjects like English, Mathematics, Computer Science and many other subjects. When the base of a student is strong then he can achieve his aims in a smooth way because …

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