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ISSB Test Initial and Final Test Books List for Preparation

Inter Services Selection Board ISSB For the Candidates whose want to Join the Pakistan Military Force (Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Air Force). The motivated candidates who have the potential to complete the long, arduous and extensive training which faces all newly commissioned officers in the service.

The Selection Board is looking for many things, such as clear thinking, the ability to remain calm under stress and strain, team skills and willingness to participate. and they dnt want those candidates who are Dull and Spiritless but they want Be honest, straightforward and frank candidates for the Defense of Pakistan.

So you Don’t display your over-consciousness, Over-Confidence, false projection or superficial behavior to get the concentration. So Over the years some private institutions and coaching centers are working in Pakistan in Different cities to have mushroomed in the country to train the candidate for passing Inter Services Selection Board ISSB tests.

ISSB Test Preparation Books And TipsSupplement To ISSB ISSB Test Preparation Books And Tips ISSB Test Book

Dogar Brothers

ISSB Test Preparation Books And TipsISSB


ISSB Test Preparation Books And TipsSupplement To ISSB

Scientific Guide

ISSB Test Preparation Books And TipsPreparation Of ISSB


ISSB Test Preparation Books And TipsPersonality Tests


ISSB Test Preparation Books And TipsSupplement To ISSB

Scientific Guide

ISSB Test Preparation Books And TipsQuestion And Answers


ISSB Test Initial and Final Test Books List for Preparation

So advised to the candidates whose want to pass the ISSB Test that do not to join these for training and guidance because the training imparted in these centers is too restricted and brings in rigidity in thought process. This test is included with various written tests, interviews and physical tests to prove the fitness of the candidates.

But Some books are available in the Market to preparation for the Inter Services Selection Board ISSB written tests SO you can get good preparation from those books and we are providing you here some ISSB Books Names and recommending some editions those will help you for the written Test of ISSB.

For the Preparation Intelligence, PSYCHOLOGICAL, OUT DOOR, INTERVIEWS and Test you must use the some different books So you should buy some books for the preparation the test of ISSB.
ISSB Test Preparation Books For the Initial and Final Test:-

ISSB Scientific Guide:

  • ISSB Scientific Guide
  • Rupees: Rs:110

Workbook, Verbal Intelligence Test:

  • Price: 60/-

Workbook Personality Test:

  • Price: 70/-

Workbook Non-Verbal Intelligence Test:

  • Price: 100/-

Recommend Book Shops:

  • Dogar Publications
  • Ferozsons

Download ISSB Test Stuff From Here

  • Intelligence Tests Preparation Books
  • Physics 11 & 12
  • General Knowledge
  • Chemistry 11 & 12
  • Simple Math for Interview
  • Math 11 & 12
  • Pak Studies
  • Biology 11 & 12
  • Islamyat/Islamic Studies
  • Vocabulary Building Exercises
  • Analogy Tests
  • My Story Of Success At ISSB

For the Further Details you should keep stay with us here on this page of the Studysols because here we will provide you complete information about the Inter Services Selection Board ISSB Tests and if you want to ask any thing about it so you can comment us here in below comment section.

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